“Executive Coaching”; what’s in a name?

It seems like everyone is calling themselves a “coach” these days and there’s a fair bit of variety in what they all do and how they do it.

Executive Coaching, as we practice it at Batley Evans & Co. is one part of the broad landscape of leadership development. It’s essentially a series of guided conversations where the client gets to decide where to focus. The coach’s job is to clarify, question, reflect back and occasionally offer a provocation all with the aim of helping the client generate new insights and create new possibilities for action on the things that matter most to them. We generally work with individual executives, but it’s also possible and valuable to work with intact leadership teams or groups of individuals.

We’re good, but we do have limits.

We start each coaching assignment with the presupposition that the client is whole and well. Coaching is not a form of therapy; it doesn’t treat illness of any kind and while it draws on some of the same underlying theories and practices, coaching isn’t the same as counselling or psychotherapy.

We also believe the client already has the answers they need; they’re just having trouble accessing them. We won’t take on the client’s challenges or solve for them; what we’ll do is skilfully guide the client to discover answers and actions of their own – ones they can be committed to. Sure, we’ll be in the client’s corner, supporting them with resources and helping them get back upright if they get the wind knocked out of them but they have to be in the ring on their own.

You’re in safe hands.

You can feel confident knowing all coaching performed by Batley Evans employees and associates is conducted in accordance with the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics. A copy of this code will gladly be provided if requested.

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