For over ten years, Jacky has worked with professional development providers to make their interventions successful and impactful.

As one of the few people in the world with dual expertise in leadership and evaluation, Jacky brings unique insight and perspective. Her deep understanding of the relationship between intervention and outcome ensures her work always achieves lasting results for people and organisations.

Working for organisations including OSA Group, Hay Group and Melbourne Business School, Jacky built extensive experience in the design and management of bespoke leadership development. Over time, she came to realise that the field had a problem: whilst thinking and practice around leadership and development had steadily advanced, the way results were measured had not kept pace. Dated evaluation methodologies predominated, despite being incompatible with contemporary understandings of leadership.

This realisation inspired her to enrol in a Masters of Evaluation, and take up the role of Impact Consultant at Melbourne Business School. Simultaneously studying and working as an evaluator enabled Jacky to combine theory with real-world implementation to create approaches that are rigorous and practical. For several years, she worked alongside client and project teams to collect, synthesise and articulate complex evaluation data in digestible form to continuously improve outcomes.

Jacky’s work now integrates the insights of rigorous evaluation into the design and management of leadership development, to drive continuous learning and improvement. Clients value her ability to make the conceptual concrete, bringing programs to life and ensuring they remain relevant over time.

Clients Jacky has worked with include: St John Ambulance, SA Health, Australian Communication and Media Authority, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Department of Health and Ageing, Australian Defence Force, Woodside, BHP Billiton, New Zealand Post, Australian Sports Commission, QBE Insurance and the Sunflower Foundation.

In her downtime, Jacky likes to take things slow with her turtle, Soup.


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