The Way of Ensuring The Work Has Rigour and Integrity

The Japanese have an expression – Gai Ju Nai Go that means “soft on the outside, hard on the inside”.  As it applies to us, we’re highly accommodating around our modes of working but firm on the ways we work within those modes.  We think there’s a place for content driven teaching and content-free process facilitation, for working at the rational level and the emotional level, for both a scheduled and an emergent approach, and for large group work, small group work and 1:1 coaching.  Basically, we’re open to any of the possibilities that might get your people moving and unlock value in your organisation.  

But having made our choices, we have an informed point of view about how that work is best done, when it works and when it doesn’t, what it takes from you, from us and from the people we work with to make the work, well, work. 

As a general rule we're less drawn to learning events and more drawn to learning journeys. Real partnerships are shaped by shared experiences. Real development takes time and commitment. Our best work involves a deep commitment on both our parts to work with your leaders in multiple ways and at multiple times. When we get it right, it will be hard to tell where your organisation ends and our organisation starts we'll be working together so closely and with such shared understanding and commitment.

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