The A-Team, Every Time

Our work is deliberately informed, but we don’t subscribe to any particular dogma.  We aren’t wedded to a single idea of leadership or mode of working nor are we determined to flog a particular psychometric instrument. Most importantly, our focus is on matching consultant to client, not squeezing client work into the capabilities or utilisation requirements of our consultants.

Just as we help our clients build collaborative cultures, we draw on a rich network of collaborators in our work. We have access to a team who sit both inside and outside the boundaries of our company.  We're an eclectic bunch that includes academics, facilitators and coaches, some of whom bring a deep body of content knowledge to their work while others bring extraordinary process facilitation skills to their work. Some will tell you things that will amaze you while others will say almost nothing, but ask the question that rocks your world. We all bring our unique self to our work. We all turn up differently. What binds us all is that we have a great love for learning and a willingness to do whatever is required to do work that matters.

And it’s not just what happens in the spotlight that makes a great performance. Our team also includes expertise in client and program management.

Below are a few of the colleagues with whom we regularly collaborate. Click on the photo to read their bio.