Creating The Learning Effect ©

We know the best leadership development pays as much attention to the context or system in which leadership is taking place as it does to the individuals performing those leadership acts. To ensure our work with you is relevant and has impact, we follow a design process we call The Learning Effect © and it incorporates four realms; Engage, Explore, Envisage, Enact, each representing an expansion on the previous one.

When we Engage we’ll lay the groundwork for the ways we’ll work together in genuine partnership.

When we Explore we'll take the time to understand what's special about your organisation and the challenges you're facing. We'll seek to understand the business drivers, the culture and the systemic forces within your organisation that have contributed to the challenges you face and the solutions that are likely to have impact for you.

When we Envisage we’ll work with you to co-create a set of interventions that will close the capability gaps in your leadership cadre.  We’ll focus on the What (do we want to be different when we finish) and the How (will we go about creating that change). Our design approach is guided by disciplined methodology that explicitly links what we propose to do with the changes you’re looking for in your leaders and your organisation.

When we Enact we’ll deliver what we agreed and we’ll do it in a way that we can be proud of and you’ll be thrilled with. We'll make purposeful choices about who's doing the work, where and when it's taking place. We'll pay attention to the broad objectives of the program and to the in-the-moment experience of anyone in the program noticing what shifts are occurring in individuals and in the system. We'll balance working to our plan and working with what's emerging in the moment.

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