No, that’s not a typo – these are the principles that guide our practice.  When we need to weigh up choices about our work, these are what give us direction.

We work with clients and in ways that allow us to be at our best, because when we do we know the result is your leaders are able to be at their best.  We do work that feeds our spirit rather than merely lining our pockets.  We are as prepared to say “no” to bad work as we are delighted to say “yes” to great work.  And when we say “yes”, these are our Weighs of Working:

Relationships not Transactions:

We’ll take the long view in all our interactions with clients, with colleagues, with associates and with our service providers.

Hitting the Sweet Spot:

We’ll always focus our work at the intersection of our experience, capabilities and passion.  When we believe the work is best done by someone else we’ll say so.

Never the Same Old Same Old:

We’ll invest in our practice and ensure the work we do is constantly evolving to reflect new knowledge and contemporary approaches to leadership development.

Fast Time, Slow Time:

We’ll actively manage the tension between responsiveness and agility in servicing client needs, and making time for deep thinking and reflection in our work.

Humanity at Work:

We’ll recognise the whole person in our people.  Just as we value purposeful, skilful, dedicated work, we value health, happiness and personal fulfilment in those doing the work.

We know that when we work in these ways we bring energy and commitment along with rigour and relevance to the work we do.  Sure we’re commercial, but what we do is primarily a calling. You see, we reckon more and more people are spending more time at work than anywhere else.  If we can change the world of work, we can change the world.

And to us, that’s work that matters.

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